Terrie Carpenter Interview

75 and Thrive with Terrie Carpenter: Don’t Let Aging Kill You

“Move as if your life depended on it…because it does!”

In this interview, Terrie Carpenter, an author (The Gathering Years: How to Grow Old Without Killing Yourself) and a physical therapist for over fifty years, explains how to make the aging process feel less painful, and instead more gentle, graceful, and fun.

Ask yourself: Are you afraid of aging? Would you like to have a positive impact on your own aging process?

Our society is regularly presented with the idea that aging is like a chronic illness, something to be treated with drugs, and feeling resigned to problems that occur as we get older. Yet that is not necessarily true. Terrie gives us permission to thrive and have fun as we age!

Key points:

  • You’re never too old to laugh and live in abundance.
  • Drink a lot of water; hydration compounds the aging process.
  • Balance = strength + movement + staying grounded in the body

More about Terrie: 

Website:  http://allies4change.com/

Book: Gathering Years: How to Grow Old Without Killing Yourself


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