Terri deLangis Interview

75 and Thrive with Terri deLangis: Thriving Through Adversity

“Fitness is not just about strength or flexibility, but also our longevity.”

Terri DeLangis is a dancer, has a degree in physical education, and (most importantly) is my daughter. She has always been focused on well-being and physical activity, so when diagnosed in 2017 with breast cancer, she was shocked. She worked through her emotions and the physical repercussions of the disease by maintaining a positive outlook, as well as supporting her body in the healthiest ways possible. She had a second cancer diagnosis in 2018 when melanoma was discovered and is re-creating health in the same way.

Terri was concerned after being warned by medical staff that treatment would drastically affect her body, causing weight gain and other side-effects. She was worried about how to adjust her already-rigorous fitness routines to counteract them.

Although other life changes occurred during her cancer treatments (loss of a job, other treatment side-effects), Terri looked upon each as an opportunity for personal growth. She found new ways to support her body and spirit, moving from pain to hope.

After noticing how well her body and mind responded to her gym workouts, Terri has now become a physical trainer, and is changing the lives of people of all ages and conditions. She is helping others work through difficulties in their own lives by improving their physical well-being.

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