Sheila Wagner Interview

75 and Thrive with Sheila Wagner: Caring for Your Body in Retirement

“Stop the mental chatter telling you that you can’t because of your age.”

Many people become concerned about caring for their physical and mental health at retirement, fearing what we are often told about changes in “old age.” The greatest fear becomes not being able to fulfill the dreams we have to live a rich life as we age.

Dr. Sheila Wagner, Naturopath and Orthopedic Physical Therapist, asks that we consider a different viewpoint. We can age consciously, with intention, and thrive. please add that her life was good when she made the change.  She said we usually wait until something has gone wrong to find the courage to change.

We usually wait until something has gone wrong to find the courage to change, but Sheila’s life was good when, at the age of 57, she chose to expand her practice by going to medical school. She realized that she had been viewing opportunities for change as obstacles, instead of as new avenues to expand working in her passion – natural health. Her desire to grow to was stronger than her fear of change.

In this interview, Sheila offers several key points to help retirees thrive:

  • Moving the body is natural and necessary.
  • The brain requires satisfying and sufficient sleep, steady blood sugar levels, motion and activity.
  • Grief over life change is natural; allow the emotions and move past them.
  • When something appears to not be working, make a change.

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